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Telephone Cleaning information: Sponsored by Durable UK.

If you share your telephone or headset with colleagues you can be at risk of their germs spreading when they cough or sneeze.
Cleaning your telephone equipment is simple and quick to do, so make sure you wipe away those nasty bacteria.


Don’t forget to clean your mobile phone as the surface will build up saliva, skin cells and sweat residues. 

Telephones and mobiles are one of the biggest contributors of bugs, bacteria and diseases that cause ear, nose and eye infections.

You don’t know who uses your telephone when you are absent from your workstation so clean your telephone once a day



Durable Telephone & Mobile Cleaner is gentle and effective cleaning of all mobile phones, telephones and headsets.
Contains BACT-O-CLEAN - an antimicrobial additive which is 99.9% effective against germs and viruses including the common cold and influenza viruses, HN51 Bird Flu, E-Coli, Salmonella & Listeria.


'22% of us do not wash our hands before preparing food at the office’

Source: DURABLE (UK) Ltd

Keyboards harbour many germs and bacteria which grow in between and underneath the keys. As many of us do daily activities such as eat food at our desks, it is especially important to clean keyboards at least twice a week!


Use saturated general purpose wipes to clean the surface of your keyboard. Ensure wipes contain an antimicrobial additive which will clean and kill bugs, providing a lasting protection from microbial attack. 

Air dusters are also very effective at removing dirt, dust and other particles from between your keys. Get a Free Screen Cleaner with every Durable Air duster

Place a piece of paper underneath your keyboard and turn upside down – take a look at what comes out – yuk!


Do not use saturated wipes or an air duster whilst your keyboard is switched on. Make sure it is switched off, that way it is safe and much easier to clean!



Following the great success of our 'Built in Britain' range of chairs,

we have just added another chair to this collection. 


SPRITE: Available in virtually any colour, the Sprite is a sturdy, deeply padded and reliable option.

Give us a call on 01228 404600 if you would like a trial chair. 





      CBEN Gold Environment accreditation by the Cumbria Rural Enterprise Agency!  



June 22 

Award winning CBS !


CBS Takes the Superstat UK office products dealer of the year for the 2nd time in 4 years  

at the Majestic Hotel in Harrogate. 






   CBS Awarded HP Official Business Partner Status...




i Pod Competition winner ......

Many thanks to all of our customers who entered our competition.

We asked you how many colours does the New Bic Fashion Pen come in ?

The correct answer was 4.


Congratulations to our winner - Linn Malcolm from Workington






Youth Zone Furniture ...


After succesfully tendering for the funky new youth zone building in Carlisle last year our installation team once again pulled out all the stops and went to extraordinary measures to complete this in just 2 days !!'s that for 1st class service.




 Our best ever Phoenix safe deals...



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